Franklin and Sterling Hill,
New Jersey, USA

The Franklin and Sterling Hill mines have been known to produce specimens of:

  • Elements Class:

  • Sulfides Class:
  • Sulfosalts Subclass:

  • Halides Class:

  • Oxides Class:

  • Carbonates Class:
  • Borates Subclass:
    • cahnite, canavesite, fluoborite, mcallisterite, roweite and sussexite

  • Sulfates Class:

  • Phosphates Class:
  • Arsenates Subclass:
    • adamite, adelite, akrochordite, allactite, annabergite, arseniosiderite, bementite, austinite, brandtite, chlorophoenicite, clinoclase, duftite, euchroite, eveite, flinkite, fluckite, guerinite, haidingerite, hedyphane, holdenite, jarosewichite, johnbamite, kolicite, kraisslite, legrandite, liroconite, magnesium-chlorophoenicite, magnussonite, manganberzeliite, manganese-hornesite, mcgovernite, metalodevite, meta-zeunerite, mimetite, ogdensburgite, ojuelaite, parabrandtite, parasymplesite, pharmacolite, pharmacosiderite, picropharmacolite, retzain-(La), retzain-(Nd), sarkinite, scorodite, sterlinghillite, synadelphite, tilasite, uranospinite, villyaellenite and yukonite

  • Silicates Class:

  • bold - indicates that either Franklin or Sterling Hill is the type locality for that mineral.

    Much information for this page was provided by Franklin and Sterling Hill website.

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