Minerals Containing Cerium

  • AESCHYNITE (Rare Earth Titanium Niobium Oxide Hydroxide)
  • AGARDITE (Hydrated Lanthanum Yttrium Calcium Cerium Neodymium Copper Arsenate Hydroxide)
  • ALLANITE (Calcium Rare Earth Aluminum Iron Silicate Hydroxide)
  • BASTNASITE (Cerium Lanthanum Yttrium Carbonate Fluoride)
  • BEUDANTITE (Lead Iron Arsenate Sulfate Hydroxide)
  • BURBANKITE (Sodium Calcium Strontium Barium Cerium Carbonate)
  • CARBOCERNAITE (Calcium Sodium Strontium Cerium Barium Carbonate)
  • CERITE (Cerium Lanthanum Calcium Iron Magnesium Silicate Hydroxide)
  • CHURCHITE (Hydrated Yttrium Erbium Phosphate)
  • CORDYLITE-(Ce) (Barium Cerium Lanthanum Carbonate Fluoride)
  • EUDIALYTE (Sodium Calcium Cerium Iron Manganese Zirconium Silicate Hydroxide Chloride)
  • EUXENITE (Rare Earth Yttrium Niobium Tantalum Titanium Oxide)
  • GADOLINITE-(Ce) (Yttrium Cerium Iron Beryllium Silicate)
  • HILAIRITE (Hydrated Sodium Zirconium Silicate)
  • HYDROXYLBASTNASITE (Cerium Lanthanum Neodymium Carbonate Hydroxide Fluoride)
  • JOAQUINITE-(Ce) (Hydrated Sodium Barium Iron Cerium Titanium Niobium Silicate Oxide Hydroxide Fluoride)
  • MIXITE (Hydrated Bismuth Copper Arsenate Hydroxide)
  • MONAZITE (Cerium Lanthanum Thorium Neodymium Yttrium Phosphate)
  • PARISITE (Calcium Cerium Lanthanum Neodymium Carbonate Fluoride)
  • PEROVSKITE (Calcium Titanium Oxide)
  • RHABDOPHANE (Hydrated Cerium Lanthanum Neodymium Phosphate)
  • SAMARSKITE-(Y) (Rare Earth Yttrium Niobium Tantalum Oxide)
  • SYNCHYSITE (Calcium Cerium Lanthanum Neodymium Yttrium Carbonate Fluoride)
  • THORITE (Thorium Uranium Silicate)

Cerium is named after the asteroid Ceres which was discovered two years before the element in 1803. Cerium is the most abundant of the rare earth metals and is found in many more minerals than are listed here.

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