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This exceptional arsenopyrite hand specimen came from some Chinese dealers at a show that passed through Dayton, Ohio. The crystals on it are quite well-formed and appear to have the symmetrical, pseudo-orthorhombic form that this mineral sometimes takes on. These crystals appear to be odd, though, in the fact that the two largest ones seem to be "stretched" across 2 of their axes. They are accompanied by several intergrown muscovite books.

Another local purchase, I got this piece at a show in Columbus, Ohio- not only that, but it comes from the Clay Center, Ohio locality, wherein many fossils and minerals were found in a Silurian Reef formation 300+ feet underground. It consists of a single 2" (5 cm)-long orthorhombic celestite blade that is in excellent condition and is surprisingly sharp! As one can see in the image, it is colorless, transparent, and moderately clear, containing some internal fractures and the odd inclusion or two.

I bought this piece at the big show at Tucson in February of 1998, and I am thoroughly pleased with it. It consists of several thick vanadinite tablets that rest on a dull, black botryoidal goethite base. It has dimensions of about 1.3 x 1.0 x 0.7" (3.3 x 2.5 x 1.8 cm). The vanadinites are in excellent condition- only 2 show any damage- and have exceptional form and the classic deep red-orange color and adamantine luster. The goethite base shows considerable damage on one side, but its form is also very good where intact.

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