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I bought this pretty piece out of the back-room stock of one of our stores. It measures about 3" (7.6 cm) long and just under 1" (2.5 cm) in diameter. This is likely my favorite quartz piece, as its base implies a single crystal, but the interruption that occurs about 1/3 the way up its length splits it into three partly-intergrown but still distinct points. The largest point is noticeably damaged, but I have not seen any others quite like this one in my travels.

I bought this lovely piece at my first Tucson show, from a soft-spoken Zairean man who smiled confusedly when I greeted him in Swahili, confusing me, too (I should have tried French!)! It consists of a slightly crooked Malachite stalactite that is coated with a 2- or 3-mm-thick layer of massive chrysocolla. I thought of cutting it into thin slices for pendants, but decided against it. Several of my acquaintances who have sick minds readily commented on its phallic form, but I just think that it is a neat piece!

This arrowhead was given to me by the same man who gave me the Aztec mask on page 4. This piece is about 4" (10 cm) long and from 1 - 2" (2.5 - 5 cm) wide. I have several others that he gave me, but he says this is by far the nicest, and is likely at least 500 years old. It is made of sheen obsidian and is in perfect condition. He dug it himself, and he says that it is a ceremonial piece, as opposed to a functional one.

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