Stephen D Covey

Science, Science Fiction & Thriller Writer


As I complete works and get them published, these pages will be expanded to provide more details about each story and/or collection.  For now, here is a list of my completed stories:

    • RIPPED (a techno-thriller) I'm currently seeking representation for this novel.
          What if, when you died, your brain could be RIPPED into a computer, uploading your consciousness into a lightning-fast program that lives forever?
    • The Last Tomorrow   (a techno-thriller) I'm currently seeking representation for this novel.
           Yesterday was an illusion
           Tomorrow never arrives

    • The Road to NPS (7,400 words, with Sandra McDonald, author of The Outback Stars trilogy)
      The working title was "Ice Road Suckers," a story about an ice road trucker on Europa (an icy moon of Jupiter). It's now available in mass-market paperback, as part of Jonathan Strahan's anthology, Edge of Infinity published by Solaris.

    • The Stars Beneath Our Feet
    • (5,900 words, with Sandra McDonald, published in the Futuredaze anthology). What happens when a teenage boy in love tries to impress the girl of his dreams (who barely knows he exists) with an invitation to a secret adventure: stowing away on a spaceship to a new orbiting colony? What could possibly go wrong?
    • Technesia (9,500 words)
      Inspired by watching NASCAR on TV: your headset should tag the people and places you see. But what happens when this technology fails?
    • Apophis 2029 (10,000 words)
      In 2004, scientists feared the asteroid Apophis was on an April 13, 2029 collision course with the Earth. Later observations predict a 2029 near miss but a possible Earth impact in 2036. Even if it misses us it will return every seven years, until some day our luck will run out. Small as asteroids go (only 1000 feet wide), a land strike will still devastate an area the size of Connecticut. But an ocean strike is much more likely. The resulting tsunami will destroy coastal communities around the globe—a hundred million lives lost, a trillion dollars damage. We must prevent this catastrophe. This story is about a mission to deflect Apophis.
    • Infertility (6,000 words)
      The year is 2056, and humanity is expanding into space in a series of habitats in Earth orbit. But no woman born in space has ever gotten pregnant without at least visiting the Earth. Does this spell doom for the long-term future of humanity in space?
    • Ghost Rights (6,000 words) (the first of a series of short stories on this theme of life after death)
      Today I celebrated the 25th anniversary of my death....
    • The First & Last Time Machine (2,000 words)
      A humorous take on the perils of building a time machine.
    • Portalnaut (9,000 words)
      Two astronauts learn that jumping through wormhole portals is not as easy as it sounds.
    • Ewakening (2,000 words)
      What's it like to be the first person to wake up as a computer program?
    • The Dark Within (6,000 words)
      The true nature of dark energy is explored - and it's not nice.

And my works-in-progress:

    • Leo's Call (currently at 40,000 words, starts nice and slow, ends fast and horrifying. How can civilization survive?)
    • The Awakening (currently a 6,000 word thriller short story about awakening AI)
    • The Wall At The End Of The Universe (a far-future sequel to The Last Tomorrow)
    • Beneath The Peridot Seas (We are not alone, even on the Earth)
    • The Cometwealth (When the population is in the trillions, scattered over millions of worlds, can we remain ONE people?)
    • The Dhreesah Crusades (Joint custody of the Earth is not an option)
    • Party Line
      The life of a detective in a world of universal surveillance is not as simple as it seems.
    • Terran Technologies, Inc.
      Travelling salesmen ride alien starships to sell our unique technologies, arts, and cuisine to civilizations throughout the galaxy.
    • Moore's Demise (stories about the end of Moore's Law)
    • Fermi Paradox (stories about why we appear to be alone in the universe)
    • Terran Technologies, Inc. (3,000 words, sexy SF humor)
      I knew we were in trouble well before the translator console said “If war is what you want, then war is what you will have.”
    • Adventure on Axar VII (7,000 words, sexy SF humor)
      Our travelling salesmen visit a human outpost - populated only by women.
    • APOPHIS 2030 (The fight to possess Apophis)
    • APOPHIS 2035 (The Babysitter) needs a better name - it's about the first day care center in space
    • ALPHA 2044 (middle-grade SF about the first girl born in space)
    • Party Line (2,000 word WIP, SF mystery/humor)
      Investigating a murder in a world where everyone records everything, and nothing is quite as it appears.