The Adelite Group minerals are a group of orthorhombic arsenates and one vanadate that have similar structures.

The group is named after one of the minerals within the group. The general formula for the group is ABXO4(OH). The A ion can be calcium, lead or boron. The B ion is always a +2 metal ion such as iron, zinc, cobalt, copper, nickel or magnesium. The X ion can be either arsenic or vanadium. The typical color of these minerals is green.

These minerals are some of the more common minerals of the Adelite Group:

Mineral Name: Chemistry: Specific Gravity: Typical Color:
Adelite CaMgAsO4(OH) SG = 3.7 gray, yellow or green
Austinite CaZnAsO4(OH) SG = 4.1 - 4.3 yellow, white or bright green
Calciovolborthite CaCuVO4(OH) SG = 3.8 various shades of green
Cobaltaustinite Ca(Co, Cu)AsO4(OH) SG = 4.3 pale green
Conichalcite CaCuAsO4(OH) SG = 4.3 grass green to light green
Duftite PbCuAsO4(OH) SG = 6.4 - 6.6 olive green to green
Gabrielsonite PbFeAsO4(OH) SG = 6.7 greenish brown to black
Nickelaustinite Ca(Ni, Zn)AsO4(OH) SG = 4.2 yellow-green to green
Some Colorful Members of the Colorful Phosphates Class


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