Web Services

In 2003, Amethyst Galleries, Inc. completed the acquisition of Terran Technologies, Inc., the software consulting, web design, and Internet Marketing company responsible for the development of the Amethyst Galleries web site.

At Terran Technologies, Steve Covey had been active in web site development since the early days (1994) of the World Wide Web, including creating one of the first web sites for the US Air Force. He also has developed several other sites (both extranet and intranet), as well as multiple Web-based applications for military and commercial clients.

In the spring of 1995, Steve wrote these prophetic words:

"We are just beginning to see the potential and value of a WEB presence. The Web has passed critical mass and is exploding in terms of clients accessing and servers providing information. Already, Web access is the goal of computer users everywhere, and Web presence is the icon of distinction for businesses, institutions, and communities. Soon, having a Web presence will be a prerequisite: the Web will be the medium of choice for marketing, the common denominator for communications, and the most direct link to vendors. And, it will be the research library, the conference room, the boardroom, and often the store itself. I believe that the Web will be more important, more significant to our lives, and more pervasive than nearly anyone realizes today!"