Stephen D. Covey

Founder, Webmaster & Secretary/Treasurer, Amethyst Galleries, Inc.

A writer of Science Fiction and Techno-Thrillers

President, Terran Technologies, Inc. (now a part of Amethyst Galleries, Inc.)

A Futurist, writing in the blog Ramblings On The Future Of Humanity

Director of Research & Development (retired), for Deep Space Industries (an asteroid mining company, working to turn Science Fiction into Science Fact).

Favorite Concept
The World Wide Web!  In the spring of 1995 I wrote "The Web will be more important to your future than you can imagine. The Web is the future of communications, of information, and of commerce!"
Favorite Spot
Hawaii, because I love the beautiful weather, the beautiful beaches, the beautiful mountains, and the other beautiful scenery found there. And they have active volcanoes to boot! Favorite island? Difficult. The Big Island of Hawaii has those fascinating volcanoes, Kauai is the most beautiful (the Na Pali coast is incredible), Oahu has the best beaches and that awesome north shore surf in winter, and Maui has Haleakala and a fantastic black sand beach and other attractions all its own. Ok, I guess that Maui is the best! Or maybe Oahu. No, make that ....
Favorite Hobby
Writing Techno-Thrillers & Science Fiction, Reading SF
Favorite Exercise
Golf or walking on the beach (make those my 2nd and 3rd favorite exercises)
Favorite College
Wabash College, simply the best place to get a great education.
Incidentally, I got my Bachelor's in Physics there in 1971.
Favorite Author
Larry Niven for great science fiction, great stories, great characters. Thanks, Larry!
Favorite Wife
Doris, because I like her!

Favorite Fear
The Technological Singularity, because I believe that our creativity and technology can solve the myriad little problems such as global warming, pollution, poverty and disease. But how can technological innovation cure technological innovation? Besides, we may not survive until global warming or overpopulation become serious problems. The singularity may well occur in the first half of this century.
Favorite Hope
A Spacefaring Future for Humanity, because I believe that our future must be in space; the surface of this lone planet is simply too fragile, too resource-limited, and too vulnerable for us to place all of our eggs in this basket. As Konstantin Tsiolkovsky best said,
"Earth is the cradle of Mankind, but one cannot stay in the cradle forever."
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