The Whiteite Group of minerals are several rare phosphates that have similar structures. The group is named after one of the series within the group. The general formula for the group is AB2C2(PO4)4(OH)2 - 8H2O The A ion can be calcium, manganese or boron. The B ion is always a +2 metal ion such as manganese, iron, zinc or magnesium. One of the B ions must be either magnesium or iron. The C ion is always a +3 metal ion and can be either iron or aluminum.

These minerals are some of the more common minerals of the Whiteite Group:

  • Jahnsite-(CaMnFe), Formula: CaMnFe4(PO4)4(OH)2 - 8H2O
  • Jahnsite-(CaMnMg), Formula: CaMn(Mg, Fe)2Fe2(PO4)4(OH)2 - 8H2O
  • Jahnsite-(CaMnMn), Formula: CaMn3Fe2(PO4)4(OH)2 - 8H2O
  • Jahnsite-(MnMnMn), Formula: Mn4Fe2(PO4)4(OH)2 - 8H2O
  • Keckite, Formula: Ca(Mn, Zn)2Fe3(PO4)4(OH)3 - 2H2O
  • Rittmannite, Formula: (Mn, Ca)Mn(Fe, Mn, Mg)2(Fe, Al)2(PO4)4(OH)2 - 8H2O
  • Whiteite-(CaFeMg), Formula: Ca(Fe, Mn)Mg2Al2(PO4)4(OH)2 - 8H2O
  • Whiteite-(CaMnMg), Formula: CaMnMg2Al2(PO4)4(OH)2 - 8H2O
  • Whiteite-(MnFeMg), Formula: MnFeMg2Al2(PO4)4(OH)2 - 8H2O
Some Colorful Members of the Colorful Phosphates Class


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