Minerals Containing Cesium

  • Avogadrite (Potassium Cesium Boron Fluoride)
  • Cesium-kupletskite (Cesium Manganese Iron Titanium Niobium Silicate Hydroxide)
  • Cesstibtantite (Cesium Sodium Antimony Tantalum Oxide)
  • Natrobistantite (Sodium Cesium Bismuth Niobium Tantalum Antimony Oxide)
  • Rhodizite (Potassium Cesium Beryllium Aluminum Borate)

Cesium is placed as the 46th out of 103 elements with respect to its abundance in the Earth's crust, at 2.6 parts per million (grams per metric tonne). Only 82 of these elements occur in detectable amounts- 10 can be detected only as random traces, and 11 are not detectable in nature.

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