My sweetie, Lori

This is my fabulous fiancee, Lori. I met her when I worked in a retail storefront of Amethyst Galleries in a suburb of Dayton, in October of 1994. I will not say that she swept me off my feet- its more like she kicked them out from under me! She is the most wonderful, brutal, sweet, vicious, kind, amazing woman that I have ever met, and I treat her like a goddess so that she will not feel compelled to kill me in my sleep (I only kid about that- she really IS a sweetie!). She does have, however, what she somewhat loosely refers to as a red-headed temper, and I am lucky in the fact that it has never been ignited due to anything that I have done or did not do! She will not appreciate the large size of the following picture, but how can I confine such beauty to a small image?

This particular picture was taken during her senior year of high school. It fits her perfectly- her look says, "I am a BAD girl, but you will never be able to prove it!"

"When I come home each evening, I walk through the door backwards so that I will not have to turn around to run back out."

-Lech Walesa

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