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This odd little thumbnail specimen consists of just the pyramidal termination of an apophyllite crystal. It does not exceed 0.8" (2 cm) in either diameter or height, and appears to be most unimpressive. However, when bathed in shortwave UV light, it shows a dim yellow "phantom" of sorts just beneath its termination tip (see the second image). Two of these were given to me by a husband-and-wife dealer business that I see each year in Tucson... thanks, J & G!

As soon as I saw this specimen in our shop, I wanted it! It consists of a classic piece of Zairean host rock which is partly covered with superfine, fibrous plancheite (most of it is crushed), and a single cuprite octahedron. From the second image, one can see that this crystal was obviously broken some time during its formation, and the 2 halves separated about 0.2" (4 or 5 mm) from each other. If complete, the crystal would measure no more than 0.4" (1 cm) in diameter. Its present state, however, makes it very attractive to me.

I bought this partial goshenite crystal from a Brazilian dealer in Tucson for a decent price. It consists of a portion of an almost tabular crystal, as parts of both basal terminations are present, and does not exceed 3" (7.5 cm) along its longest axis. Though it was likely broken, one can see that breakage occurred early in its formation- thus, all the broken surfaces healed over to a degree, making some of them very complex and odd in appearance. Both basal faces, along with all of the healed faces, have the standard vitreous luster.

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