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This is the first and so far the only pyromorphite piece that I have in my collection. I bought it during the 1998 Tucson show from the primary dealer of Kellogg, Idaho pyromorphite, and picked it out basically because of its bright orange-to-golden color, its lightly pebbled surfaces and nearly adamantine luster, and its low price. Thus, it is thumbnail-sized, not exceeding 0.9" in length. Several heavily intergrown crystals comprise it, and all are in excellent condition.

I bought this piece along with the brookite/quartz piece from Page 3 and a single Colorado rhodochrosite crystal for no more than $75. I have been told that the crystal itself is worth at least that much, so I think that I did well. This piece consists of two intergrown Peruvian rhodochrosite stalactites that are partly coated on one side with a dusting of microscopic pyrites. There is some breakage at the top (or bottom) of one of the stalactites, but they are still in good condition and have excellent pale-pink coloration and stalactitic form.

I have only seen about 5 or 6 senarmontite crystals in the dozens of mineral shows that I have attended, and this is easily the largest. It measures about 0.4" (1 cm) along an edge and at least 0.5" (1.3 cm) from point to opposing point. There is almost no detectable damage to it, and though it shows a growth irregularity on one corner, its octahedral form is still very good.

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