The "Horrible" Beasts

These are our pet cats, Evil ("The Fat One"), Nefarious ("The Not-So-Fat One"), and Smudge ("The Foof", or "Foofie"). Evil is in the back on the left, his brother Nefarious is on the right, and Smudge is in the foreground. She has her own food dish, as you can see, becuase even though "the boys" are much larger than she is, she is definitely the boss!

Evil and Nefarious were given to me approximately 6 years ago, and Smudge just kind of "showed up at our door" one night in October of 1995. They are horrible, vicious, vile nasty-wasties, and we love them dearly, or at least when they do not cough up hairballs on the carpet!

"When do we eat?"

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