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The Last Tomorrow

A Techno-Thriller

What if an advanced physics experiment starts to disrupt the fabric of time, causing your memories of the past to be different from mine - yet both remain equally true?

In a techno-thriller that will appeal to fans of Michael Crichton, Joshua Renquist, a career-focused government engineer, learns that his latest project – the Linear Super-Collider (or LSC) he helped build – will soon destroy all of existence.

He must convince the world that the LSC is dangerous, or – if all else fails – destroy his life’s work himself. But the LSC is a $10 billion project involving thousands of people and an act of Congress, and of course no one believes him. As the zero hour nears, it becomes easier for everyone to see the convergence of timelines, the disruption in apparent cause and effect, the breakdown of technology. Yet the authorities fail to act.

Forming an unlikely conspiracy with sexy and mysterious Samantha and a man he fears may be a terrorist, Joshua must sabotage a deep-underground installation on a highly secure, top-secret military base.

Worse, the nature of reality becomes more and more bizarre as the calamity nears and timelines converge. His co-conspirators remember their plans differently. Commitments aren’t kept, or rather they are just kept differently. Joshua’s lifelong best friend turns out to be his mortal enemy. His car won’t start because his key has a different past than the lock. In a changing world of shifting alliances, nebulous cause and effect, and failing infrastructure, can Joshua stop the LSC and save the world?

If he fails, today will have been The Last Tomorrow.