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# MAN-8, $450.00 (Sale Pending) 75% Discount - Sale Price $112.50*A*
Dims: 3.4x2.6x2.8" (8.8x6.7x7.1 cm) .... Wt: 20.35 oz. (576 g) .... Loc: Caland Open Pit Mine, Atikokan, Ontario, Canada
This unusual hand specimen of manganite looks like a geode, although it merely a cavity in the host rock which is lined in manganite crystals. This specimen is nearly all manganite, and the crystals in the protected cavity show a course fibrous appearance. On the outside of the specimen, this fibrous pattern gives portions of the surface a silky luster, very reminiscent of smithsonite. The manganite crystals are black and opaque, yet their luster is very bright, and more reflective than merely "metallic". There is only a small amount of host rock on the specimen, plus some tiny undamaged prismatic quartz crystals inside the cavity.

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