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# SMQ-55, $1800.00 (Sale Pending) 75% Discount - Sale Price $450.00*A*
Dims: 13.8x13.0x10.6" (35x33x27cm) .... Wt: 60lbs (27kg) .... Loc: Babu, Guangxi Provence, China
Huge and awesome, this cluster of smoky quartz crystals is quite spectacular. The individual crystals are giant (several exceed 9" in length), translucent, and a light to dark smoky gray color. They rest on an albite base, whose creamy color provides a nice contrast. The crystals are hexagonal and prismatic, wider at their bases and tapering slightly towards the terminations. There is very little damage although one large crystal is missing the last inch of its tip. The surface coloration has multiple pale areas, often in horizontal bands around the crystals, and this gives a slightly dirty appearance to the specimen. (GIF movie)

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