The Rosasite Group of Minerals

The Rosasite Group is composed of minerals with either a monoclinic or triclinic symmetry and a general formula of A2(CO3)(OH)2. The A ion can be either cobalt, copper, magnesium, zinc and/or nickel. With color stimulating metals such as cobalt, copper and nickel common to this group, it is no real surprise that all these minerals are extremely colorful; usually green to blue. Unfortunately only rosasite is commonly found in mineral rock shops and kolwezite is scarcely available. The other members are rare to extremely rare.


  • Glaukosphaerite {Cu, Ni}2{CO3}{OH}2
  • Kolwezite {Cu, Co}2{CO3}{OH}2
  • Mcguinnessite {Mg, Cu}2{CO3}{OH}2
  • Nullaginite Ni2{CO3}{OH}2
  • Rosasite {Cu, Zn}2{CO3}{OH}2
  • Zincrosasite {Zn, Cu}2{CO3}{OH}2
Malachite and other members of the Malachite Group are closely related to the Rosasite Group minerals.
Popular Members of the Carbonates Class


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