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Special Specimens
Minerals at 0% discount
Minerals at 10% DISCOUNT
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Amethyst Galleries is pleased to announce an on-going Inventory Reduction Sale. Most of our mineral specimens are on sale, and the "By Name" lists indicate which minerals have sale items. The "Sale" links point to the first "on sale" specimen for each mineral. With some exceptions, specimens that have been in our inventory for over 1 year have a 10% discount, over 2 years a 20% discount, and so forth. There are specimens that we have had for more than 5 or more years, and they have a 50% or greater discount. The discounts top out at 75%.

We have added the Amethyst Galleries' Special Specimens to the discount program, with a 5% discount schedule.  They are our favorites, after all! They are listed under the Special Specimens link, regardless of discount, so be sure to check there, too.

The lists are updated every weekend (Sunday morning for us), and the individual item discounts are updated every day, so if an extra 5% or 10% is important to you, check back often!

This is an excellent time to review our inventory, and find those bargains that are just too good to pass up.

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