• Chemistry: CoAs3, Cobalt Arsenide
  • Class: Sulfides
  • Uses: a minor ore of Cobalt and Nickel
  • Specimens

Fine Skutterudite specimens have only recently had widespread distribution on the mineral market. Its pyrite-like crystal forms contrast with its silver color giving it a unique look that is a must for a serious mineral collector.

Skutterudite is the cobalt-rich end member of a series (Smaltite, Chloanthite, or Ferro-Arsenite) in which Nickel or Iron replaces part of the Cobalt. Enough nickel is usually present to make Skutterudite a significant ore of Nickel. The iron rich variety is rare.


  • Color is tin white to silver.
  • Luster is metallic.
  • Transparency crystals are opaque.
  • Crystal System is isometric; bar 3 2/m
  • Crystal Habits include the octahedron often modified with cube faces and the pyritohedron; often in a massive form.
  • Cleavage is indistinct.
  • Fracture is conchoidal or uneven.
  • Hardness is 6.
  • Specific Gravity is approximately 6.5 - 6.8 (heavier than average for metallic minerals)
  • Streak is black.
  • Associated Minerals are erythrite and annabergite which form weathering crusts; also other cobalt and nickel sulfides and arsenides such as cobaltite.
  • Other Characteristics: sometimes irridescent.
  • Notable Occurances include Cobalt, Ontario; Skutterud, Norway; Franklin, New Jersey and other cobalt mines around the world.
  • Best Field Indicators are crystal habit, color, streak, lack of good cleavage and associations.
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