Topaz is the November Birthstone and the Sagittarius Zodiac stone. Blue topaz has been considered a valid alternate birthstone for December, and is given on the 4th anniversary. Golden topaz is given on the 23rd anniversary. Topaz is associated with the values of strength, wisdom, and courage.

Topaz is a common gemstone that has been used for centuries in jewelry. Its golden brown to yellow color is classic but is confused with the less valuable citrine, which is sometimes wrongly sold under the name topaz. The blue topaz that is often confused with aquamarine is rarely natural and is produced by irradiating and then heating clear crystals.

Topaz is the hardest silicate mineral and one of the hardest minerals in nature. Topaz crystals can reach incredible size of several hundred pounds. Topaz can make very attractive mineral specimens due to their high luster, nice colors and well formed and multifaceted crystals.

Topaz may be colorless, yellow, orange, red, blue and green.

For more information on topaz, see the topaz page.

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TOPAZ specimen TOP-63
$ 36.00 -60% = $ 14.40
Dims: 2.99x2.54x1.47in (7.60x6.45x3.75cm) .... Wt: 5.9oz (168g) .... Loc: Thomas Range, Utah, USA
This complex specimen appears to me to be a chunk of calcite most of which has been disolved away with acid, exposing (in places) a fine druze of quartz crystals, some black crystals that look like hematite, and at least twenty golden topaz crystals, most of which are quite small. The largest is, unfortunately, coated with a quartz druse, but the second largest is free of such coatings and presents nicely.
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$ 14.40
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