• Chemistry: Ba(Fe, Mn, Mg)2Al2(PO4)3(OH)3, Barium Iron Manganese Magnesium Aluminum Phosphate Hydroxide.
  • Class: Phosphates
  • Uses: Only as mineral specimens.
  • Specimens

Kulandite is a very rare barium phosphate mineral. It is one of the rare minerals that are making their way out of the Yukon Territory and into the mineral market.


  • Color is green to blue.
  • Luster is vitreous.
  • Transparency: Crystals are transparent to translucent.
  • Crystal System is triclinic; bar 1
  • Crystal Habits include flattened striated blades or radiating accicular crystals, but crystals are uncommon. More commonly as crusts or earthy masses.
  • Hardness is 4
  • Specific Gravity is approximately 3.9 (above average for translucent minerals)
  • Streak is white.
  • Notable Occurrences include Rapid Creek, Yukon Territory, Canada.
  • Best Field Indicators are color, locality, density and crystal habit.
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