the chromium rich variety of the mineral clinochlore


  • VARIETY OF: clinochlore a chlorite, (Fe, Mg)3Fe3AlSi3O10(OH)8 Iron Magnesium Aluminum Silicate Hydroxide.
  • USES: Only as mineral specimens.
  • COLOR: Bright lavender to deep crimson red.
  • CRYSTAL SYSTEM: Monoclinic

Kaemmererite, also spelled kammererite, is the chromium rich variety of clinochlore. Clinochlore is a member of a large group of minerals called chlorites. Most chlorites have a green color due to the iron and magnesium ions which are usually present. Kaemmererite however has small amounts of chromium in its structure and it is the chromium that colors the crystals of kaemmererite. Chromium is a very strong coloring agent and is responsible for strong colors in many different minerals. The lavender and the more common crimson red of kaemmererite are truly wonderful colors.

The crimson red color is similar to the slightly more purple color of erythrite which is colored by another strong coloring agent, cobalt. Erythrite's crystals are also similar to kaemmererite in that they are usually thin platy crystal aggregates. Erythrite's crystals are more pointed and have acute angles that are lacking on kaemmererite's crystals.

Kaemmererite is found at Lancaster Co., Pennsylvania and California, USA; Guleman, Turkey and elsewhere.

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