HESSONITE, the cinnamon-brown to orange variety of grossular garnet


  • VARIETY OF: Grossular garnet, Ca3 Al2 Si3 O12.
  • USES: Gemstone.
  • COLOR: various shades of brown and orange.
  • INDEX OF REFRACTION: 1.73 - 1.75
  • HARDNESS: 6.5 - 7
  • CLEAVAGE: none
  • CRYSTAL SYSTEM: isometric

Hessonite is one of the gem varieties of the garnet mineral, Grossular. The other gem variety of grossular is green and is called Tsavorite. Hessonite is usually cinnamon brown and has been called "cinnamon stone". Hessonite can also be orange; this color is becoming common on the gem markets. Gem quality hessonite is found in Sri Lanka, Brazil and California.
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