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What is a mineral? A mineral is (generally) an inorganic, naturally occurring, organized crystalline structure composed of a single chemical compound or element.

What is a rock? A rock is (generally) a natural solid composed of multiple crystals of one or more minerals. Although many rocks contain visible crystals of individual minerals, a rock itself does not have an overall crystalline structure.

What is a crystal? A crystal is an orderly arrangement of molecules formed because the component atoms and ions tend to aggregate together in certain specific patterns. Sometimes very different minerals are formed from the same starting materials (such as diamond versus graphite, both pure carbon) as determined by the temperature, pressure, or other conditions of formation. These arrangements result in the crystal forms described in the physical characteristics pages. Often, minerals are formed as a solution changes in some way which allows or forces the component mineral(s) to solidify or precipitate out of solution. This change may be temperature, pressure, chemistry, or concentration, and the solution may be aqueous or a magma (or even a gas, as sulfur crystals may condense from vapors emitted by a volcanic fumerol, and snowflakes precipitate from air). A slow solidification or precipitation supports the growth of larger crystals. Note that this process is responsible for much of the mineral segregation that gives us ores, as well as all of the gemstones we admire. Crystals may be too small to see, as in agate, or incredibly large - see our Gypsum page for an astounding example. Of course, not all solids are crystalline. Very rapid cooling of a molten compound can result in a glass, where the individual molecules have random orientations, not the orderly arrangements found in a crystal.

Before the Earth was formed, before igneous or sedimentary or metamorphic rocks were even possible, there were primordial rocks and primordial minerals. In the early solar system these condensed directly from the solar nebula, and are visible today as asteroids and comets in space, and as meteorites on Earth. Indeed, the number of distinct minerals appears to have increased over time: see The Evolution of Minerals.

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